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This is a selection of WWW pages on work, economy and globalization. It is unfortunately rather a collection of bits and pieces at the moment, which we hope to extend in the next months.

  1. PGA - Peoples' Global Action against "free" market and the WTO
  2. David Harvey spoke at the INURA conference of 1997 in Zürich on the living wage campaign in Baltimore, as an example of effective union work in a globalized economy. Here are a few related links:
  3. WORLD 'round SLACK, "a resource page for the zero-work movement".
  4. After Work, an essay by Jeremy Rifkin (this link seems to have expired, but see here for a short discussion and exact paper reference).
  5. Jeremy Rifkin is also the author of the often-quoted book The End of Work. Read a critique of the book, by Jedediah S. Purdy of Harvard, which points out certain flaws but reaches conclusions which are rather less than radical.
  6. We also maintain a page on cities and urbanism which deals with globalization as well.

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