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This is a selection of WWW pages that provide evidence material and resources on (extreme) right-wing influences on "left-wing" / "emancipatory" politics and campaigns, about sloppily formulated arguments in leftist campaigns that can be reused by the extreme right, and about collusion and direct alliances between left-wing and right-wing groups.

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Contents of This Page

Introduction and Motivation

We think that it would be worthwhile, after many people have been mobilized in a struggle against globalization (through the PGA, the anti-MAI and other anti-WTO campaigns), to look into the outright right-wing and into the depoliticizing esoteric influences and alliances within the anti-globalization movement, and into the reasons why the topic of anti-globalization (rather than anti-capitalism, anti-patriarchy, anti-racism) is so attractive to people and currents alongside which I assume we do not want to struggle. More generally, we want to dig out instances in which leftist arguments have been overtaken by the right, or vice versa, and build up strategies to counter these effects by exposing the underlying causes and implications of the seeming attractivity of such arguments.

De Fabel van de illegaal <> from Leiden/Netherlands have announced that they are discontinuing their involvement with the anti-globalization campaign, citing the abovementioned reasons, and that they are starting to investigate right-wing influences and alliances in this campaign. Some of the articles they wrote (in Dutch), focussing among other things on Edward Goldsmith, chief editor and founder of The Ecologist, and his links with the French and Flemish extreme right, are available in English here. There is also an article by Nicholas Hildyard, former editor of The Ecologist, where he explains why a large part of the editorial team left the journal in 1997 (see The site is growing, however slowly, thanks to the help of a number of people sending us relevant texts.

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Neither Left nor Right?

Discussion launched by De Fabel van de illegaal (Leiden/Netherlands - partly only in Dutch)

Anti-Globalization/Anti-"free trade" vs. Anticapitalism/3:1 (triple oppression : 1 struggle)

Peter Singer, utilitarianism, speciesism, eugenics, "animal rights" and killing people

Ecofascism and other oppressive tendencies in the environmental movement

Edward Goldsmith and the New Right

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