Excerpt from:

Deeper into the Brain

by Charles Murray.

Although the article "Deeper into the Brain" by Charles Murray, one of the more sloppy of bourgeois ideologists and co-author of the ill-famed The Bell Curve, is a monstrous show of ignorance, it is interesting in one point - where Charles Murray writes of the attractivity of eugenics to the Left. If anyone has concrete quotes or other material corroborating or refuting Murray's attribution of pro-eugenics positions to Sidney and Beatrice Webb, George Bernard Shaw, Emma Goldman, and H. G. Wells, please send them to us, giving as precise references as possible.
"Now turn to the eugenicists' political conclusion, that government should act to shape fertility patterns. It is not something that today's Left likes to recall, but eugenicism was predominantly a movement of the British Fabian and socialist Left, not of Tories or the old Liberals. This political affinity was no accident, for a reason expressed by Sidney Webb, one of the brightest lights of British socialism. "No consistent eugenicist can be a 'Laisser Faire' individualist," he wrote, "unless he throws up the game in despair. He must interfere, interfere, interfere!" Sidney and his wife Beatrice were joined in their enthusiasm for eugenics by the likes of George Bernard Shaw, Emma Goldman, and H. G. Wells." (Charles Murray, "Deeper into the Brain")

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