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This is a selection of WWW pages on the debate about indroducing a social (or environmental) clause in the multilateral trade system. If you find that we are missing important links on the subject, please let us know!

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Introduction and Motivation

With this page we would like to make available in a bundled way various sources of information on the debate about introducing a social clause in the multilateral trade system (WTO, regional trade agreements like EU, NAFTA, etc.). Our own point of view is very critical of the social clause, as we explain in an article first published in FriZ (Zeitschrift für Friedenspolitik - Swiss Peace News).

Views critical of a social clause

Pro and Con - "neutral" discussions

The ICFTU campaign for the social clause

The ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, "free" meaning non-communist, or independent of Moscow) is the biggest confederation of trade unions world-wide, the two other big ones being the World Federation of Trade Unions, and the European Federation of Trade Unions (the World Congress of Labor being another international federation of trade unions). The ICFTU is one of the surest partner of big capital in co-opting NGOs and trade unions and assigning them a role of legitimizing WTO and neoliberal policies.

Other NGO and trade unionist proponents of a social clause

State or corporate proponents of a social clause

The GSP of the European Union

The GSP of the United States

State and corporate opponents of a social clause

Swiss industry's rejection of social clause in MAI

It is quite interesting to see on what grounds the Swiss industrialists are afraid of a social clause. The main point is they want the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) to be signed by all countries, after the OECD countries have negotiated it among themselves. And a social clause within MAI would be opposed by countries of the South, which may prevent them from signing their life away.

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