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This is a selection of WWW pages on Palestine and Israel, with main focus on sites of political interest. We will try in time to annotate them all, but for now, we wanted to provide all the links anyway for people who want to check them out. If someone wants to help us with the annotating and send comments, you're welcome to. Some of the links only loosely deal with Palestine and Israel; we'll sort them later. We acknowledge getting hints for many of these links from Palestine-Net as well as from other organizations' link pages (some annotations are gleaned from pages such as the BCOME links page). Unfortunately, we haven't found much time lately to update this page. We will attempt a complete overhaul shortly.

Note that there the University of Birzeit maintains The Complete Guide to Palestine's Websites, where you may want to check for further links. 

Contents of This Page

Introduction and Motivation

A collection of links, especially if commented, is not neutral. Therefore, it may be of interest for us to state our position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. We clearly take a stand against the oppressive policies of the State of Israel against the Palestinian population, as well as against the so-called "Peace Process" in which the government of Israel plays out all its military and diplomatic power (partly due to common interests between the State of Israel and the government of the United States of America) to push it in the direction of the creation of an Apartheid situation, where small Palestinian homelands stand no chance of becoming politically or economically independent from Israel.

We want to emphasize that we do not mean in any way that the Jewish population of Israel should leave the country. Two wrongs don't make a right, and the ethnic cleansing policies of the State of Israel which sent hundreds of thousands of Palestinians as refugees into the diaspora or to live in dumps within the West Bank, Gaza or Israel cannot be answered by yet another ethnic cleansing.

Our stand is not against the wish of Zionist Jews to have a homeland where they can feel safe. Our stand is against the racist basis of Israeli policies which imposed and impose by force and massacres and repression the State of Israel upon the Palestinian population. Our stand is against the massive human rights violations perpetrated by institutions of the State of Israel as well as by individual settlers whose presence in the Occupied Territories in the West Bank, Gaza or the Golan is prohibited by International Law, but protected by the Israeli government and the USA. Our stand is against the idea of building a homeland by taking away their means of living from another group of people.

We are well aware that antisemitic stereotypes were and are often used in criticism of the State of Israel and its policies, and we feel it is important to pay close attention to such tendencies and discuss them openly with the aim of eliminating antisemitic references, which are present at all levels of life in Western civilization, mainly due to its Christian heritage with its antisemitic history and tradition, and which are often not reflected consciously by the indivuals using them.

We feel that the solution to this is not to be quiet about Israel's oppressive policies for fear of using antisemitic stereotypes. As long as Israeli policies are blatantly racist, they should be called just that. The solution, in our opinion, may be sought rather in paying close attention to possible antisemitic connotations and asking oneself the question in what ways personal antisemitic feelings play a role in one's motivation to have a closer look at this precise conflict. Anti-antisemitism, like anti-racism or anti-sexism, is not something static that you have or reach at some point: We see it rather as a continuous learning process.

Peace Process

News and Press Releases

History and Background Information

Art and Culture


Links to Academic Institutions

Links to Human Rights and Peace Organizations

Water in the Middle East

Resource Guides

Unsorted links (now at least sorted alphabetically)

  1. Access - For Strategic Studies. The Activists Web-Starters Kit.
  2. Al Ayyam Newspaper from Ramallah.
  3. Al Quds Newspaper from Jerusalem.
  4. Al-Watan, Kuwait. News in Arabic.
  5. American Committee on Jerusalem.
  6. Anton El hihi / palestine page offers a history of Palestine and a map.
  7. Assabeel, Jordanian weekly newspaper (in Arabic).
  8. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel.
  9. BibiWATCH.
  10. The Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine, an educational program of The Jerusalem Fund, a Washington-based nonprofit organization.
  11. Environmental Law in the Middle East, presented by the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide's U.S. Office.
  12. Islamic Gateway Webmaster.
  13. Israeli Peace Site.
  14. Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group.
  15. Justice In the Middle East Page by the Boston Committee on the Middle East.
  16. The Politics of Protest by Reuvan Kaminer.
  17. Meimad.
  18. Muslim Students Association News - MSANEWS.
  19. Netivot Shalom.
  20. Palestine Chamber of Commerce.
  21. PalNet Communications, Ltd., Ramallah. Hosts information on the Palestinian economy, business laws and such.
  22. Peace Ideas.
  23. Peace Through Literature and Culture.
  24. Resources for Peace.
  25. Overview: Teaching the Israeli Palestinian Conflict, Rev. 2nd ed., Nov. 93.
  26. The Changing Roles of Palestinian Women.
  27. World Bank Transition Economics Division - Policy Research Department.
  28. Xroads ME - Jordanian Companies on the Web.

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